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Expectant or Entitled?

Real saints, can one have any unhealthy level of expectancy from God?

I have a friend who's been praying REALLY hard for things. Like crying out on your face hard. And every time God comes through; EXACTLY how they asked, they are frozen in shock. They can't believe He actually came through exactly how they asked.

I on the other hand, am no longer shocked when God shows up. Of course there is an initial wow factor, but after a couple of hours my only emotion is that of gratitude. I remain extremely thankful, but I'm not shocked because I kind of expect God to come through...down to giving me exactly what I asked for.

I even prepare for what I asked for 😂.


A little over a year ago, one of my friends was in the market for a new apartment. The apartment that she wanted, was at the top of her budget and would be well over her budget by the time she would need it in 3 months. I told her that I would believe with her; that God would give her the exact unit that she wants within her budget when she needs it.

Then, I had her write down the exact floor plan that she wanted; along with an exact date 2 months out for her to check back for pricing. I also wrote down an expected price range and told her that if the price of the floor plan that she wanted was not within the range that I wrote, do not get it.

Well, because I was already aware that this level of faith was new to my friend, I happily accompanied her to look at other apartment complexes in the meantime.

While out, we noticed a beautiful wreath hanging on the door of one of the occupied apartment units. I told her that I would get her the very same wreath as a gift for the apartment that we were expecting God to give her. A month, I purchased the wreath and put it in the trunk of my car. A few weeks after my purchase and 2 days after the date that I wrote down, she applied for the apartment that she wanted (which was now within the range that I predicted). A week later, she was told that she was approved, but for a cheaper rate. A rate less than what I predicted. She is now living in the exact apartment that she wanted, with the exact wreath that I purchased in advance.


Until recently, my gratitude for God's favors have been enough. But I'm starting to notice a difference between how I respond to miracles and how others respond. I feel bad because I'm unable to share in my friends' astonishment.

Is my level of expectancy too much?

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