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Covered in Quarantine

Right before this pandemic I felt like I couldn’t get any closer to God. We’ve been doing this thing for a very long time so I was sure he knew me and I knew Him. Not in a negative sense; but as if we had reached a point of consistency. I was consistently me and He was consistently Him.

Then BOOM, I’m stuck in a house and told to “rest”. I fought it at first. I fought really hard. But, at some point I slowly gave in and now I find myself passionately saying “God, I love you!” at least once a day.

Don’t get me wrong, “resting” during this period is hard. But I can assume that my passionate love for God is a direct correlation to the fact that we talk ALL DAY. I stop and check social media or try to do something physically productive, but outside of that, we talk. And although I feel like the world is falling apart around me, I'm covered.

I literally feel like I am naked inside of a transparent, indestructible bubble, and the whole world is at war around me. Some of you are probably thinking, “That doesn’t sound bad since you’re protected”. Wrong! Imagine being placed in a transparent bullet proof box and a firing squad is shooting at you from all directions...

Nonetheless, I am unharmed.


I am sharing this because I’ve seen a lot of posts suggesting that we should be starting businesses during this time, writing books, ect. And that if you are not, it’s because you’re lazy. I'm here to challenge that thinking. I am a product of hard work; but even more, I am a product of faith and obedience.

Your book, business, or product won’t get too far without the backing of God. So above all things, be obedient. If He is saying work, WORK. If He is saying rest, REST. There is guaranteed success behind obedience. God telling me to rest, has been a major surprise (and I don't like surprises), but so far God’s surprises have left me covered. It might not look how you thought it would, but it will look how God intended.

As he just enlightened me as I was typing this, 'I’ve known you a very long time. I know all about you. You‘ll never know all about me. I am faithful, not consistent.'

Isaiah 55:8

John 13:7

Matthew 6:33

2 Chronicles 20:15,17

Proverbs 3:5-6

Job 12:13-14

Isaiah 43:18-19

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