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"There are not a lot of people that I trust enough to open up and divulge personal information concerning my relationship and family for multiple reasons. However, ShaVisia has always proved herself to be unbiased and trustworthy. I can expect to hear what I need to hear, even when I don’t necessarily want to hear it. I love that she utilizes the information and understandings that she gets from God to help guide us so it’s not “her opinions” per se but the way things should work according to the Gospel and what she has received from God."


"Shavisia is phenomenal! She gives perspective from several aspects without compromising each other. She gives you the down right, 'it is what it is', the spiritual, 'What is this telling me in this area of my life', and then let’s you decide the best way to handle it for you! Now if you want her true advice, be sure you know what you’re asking and be ready to apply it, but you definitely won’t regret having her input!"


"Shavisia advised me through a very challenging time in my life. She encouraged me while also giving me truth that empowered me to come out on the other side of my struggle. She is very wise and passionate about helping others see and reach their true potential."


"ShaVisia has helped to guide me in multiple facets in my life whether it be the beginning stages of dating or giving me advice in my current relations. I value her opinions and ability to see issues from multiple angles with the highest regard."

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