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Homebuying Master Plan

Buying a home from credit to close

"The less you know, the more you owe."

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Over the years as a licensed real estate agent, I've received hundreds of questions about the home buying process. Most recently, the daughter of a friend (who lives out of state) reached out to me day before her closing. She was franticly confused about her mortgage documents and sales contract . Within the next 24 hours I provided her with information that was able to save her $26,000 over the course of her mortgage, $2,000 at closing, and $72 on her monthly payments. 


Although I was unable to represent my friend as her real estate agent because I am not licensed in her state, it got me to thinking, "If I was able to save her this much within the final hours of her transaction, I can only imagine how much I could save someone from start to finish." The purpose of this program is to inform homebuyers of what to expect during the entire homebuying process and all of the tools that I use to save thousands of dollars no matter where you are located.

5 weeks of video curriculum to enjoy at your own pace

Weekly coaching calls with ShaVisia during program

Over 50 affordable mortgage options and down payment assistance resources for every state

Members only Facebook group for continued discussion and accountability


In this week's module I will discuss how to choose the right agent for you, and common oversights that homebuyers make when searching for a home.


Join me every week for a live video conference where I will answer all of your personal questions questions regarding real estate and any questions pertaining to that week's module.


Along with a list of reputable mortgage brokers and lenders, we will discuss various mortgage options for all credit profiles. We will discuss everything from credit scores to down  payments and closing costs


After going under contract, the rest of the process moves quickly; with most homebuyers having more questions than when they started. After this module, you'll know what to ask before it's too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my personal information remain private?

Yes. All questions and personal information will be submitted unanimously and viewed by me only.


What if my credit score is not high enough to purchase a house?

During the course of the program, all students will receive a contact list of reputable credit builders and financial coaches.

What if I'm not looking to buy a house right now?

That is perfectly fine. This program is to prepare you for when you are ready and you can never be too prepared. Plus, during this enrollment only, you will have lifetime access to the program. 

What if I've already started the buying process?

As noted above, it is never too late to gather more information. This is one of the biggest purchases of your life. If you already have an accepted offer, you might not finish the program before your closing. But, the information can always be used on your next transaction

What makes the Homebuying Master Plan different from other courses or homebuying guides?

Great question! For starters, this is NOT a course. The Homebuying Master Plan is a program where I walk with you hand in hand through all 5 modules. Most homebuying courses only cover 1 topic or they briefly discuss 2-3. Most guides are downloadable text, where you are left to interpret the material on your own. In the Homebuying Masterplan, I teach all parts of the homebuying process in detail.  

Do I have to attend every call?

No. I understand that life happens. All video calls will be recorded and uploaded to your student account. 


When does the program start?

July 3, 2023

Can I join at a later time?

Currently there are no other future training dates. Please join the waitlist to stay up to date on future trainings 

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